Loie Hollowell is creating her own lexicon for religious & sexual paintings

By Martha Schwendener
Loie Hollowell’s “Linked Lingams in Red and Blue” (2015), oil on linen and panel. Credit Courtesy of the artist and 106 Green
NEW YORK---The next time you see Loie Hollowell’s paintings it will probably not be in a small, artist-run gallery in someone’s apartment that is open only on Sundays or by appointment, which is the case with this show. Hollowell’s paintings play with archetypal images of the body and graphic abstract painting languages. They cleverly allude to sexual energies and painterly ecstasies, that are at once visual, physical, and spiritual. Ms. Hollowell is a gifted painter, and her work could easily reach larger audiences soon. Loie Hollowell ‘AHHA,' 106 Green, 104 Green Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (Through Dec. 12)  [link]