Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Imranovi's graphic art tackles the horrors of the bloody Syrian civil war

Merry Christmas © Imranovi. “Our symbol of joy.”
UNITED KINGDOM---Imranovi (not his real name) is a Syrian artist in exile, now living in Dubai. His first UK solo exhibition, "Modern Face of Syria," is hosted by Art Represent - an organisation that offers a platform and support for artists affected or displaced by conflict and social upheaval. In his work, Imranovi, a graphic artist, uses his first-hand experience of the ongoing civil war in Syria as inspiration and reflects on the continuing refugee crisis in Europe. While the western world debates what to do about Assad and Islamic State, Imranovi wants us to remember that the bloody civil war rages on. [link]
Deluge © Imranovi. “My main message was spreading the news. But now after this amount of time, everybody knows what’s happening. So now the purpose of my art is to say this is us, whatever you can do, think just about these people.”