Thursday, December 10, 2015

Indy is one of 15 places in the world to host "Star Wars," the 70mm IMAX version

By Wei-Huan Chen
INDIANA—The release of the new "Star Wars" is, for many, a remarkable occasion by itself. But one Indianapolis theatre is offering what's considered the best way to experience the long-awaited sequel. It's a high-resolution, high-contrast format that (Director) Abrams' production company tweet was the "best format ever." But only 15 theaters in the world have a copy of a 70mm IMAX version. The IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum is one of those theaters, making Indiana one of nine states in the U.S. to offer what many consider a superior experience to digital IMAX and the standard widescreen formats, according to the IMAX website. There will be theaters in Canada, England and Australia showing the 70mm IMAX version. [link]