A Russian Artists Amazing Pursuit of Tibetan Art

By Daria Strelávina, RBTH
Jamsaran (Begtse). Source: Nikolai Dudko
RUSSIA---Nickolai Dudko is an artist who studied at Ulan-Ude’s Art College and the Academy of Art in Kiev, Ukraine. In 1986 when he lived in Ulan-Ude, Dudko started to learn to paint Thangkas, sacred Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton or silk applique. His first teachers were Buryatian Lamas of the Dharama-Doddi and Jimba-Jamso temples. An artist is required to spend five years of learning the art of Thangka in Buddhist temples to be considered a professional. Dudko managed to complete the necessary painting requirements in one and a half years. [link]