Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Art Powerhouse From North Korea

By Amy Qin

NORTH KOREA---The giant mural in the foyer depicting a smiling stone face offers a mere taste of the grandiosity within the new Angkor Panorama Museum here. The museum, which opened in December, is a sweeping homage to what historians call one of the greatest cities in the world between the ninth and 15th centuries and the capital of the Khmer empire. But almost everything that went into this building — the money, the concept, the design and the artists — came not from Cambodia but from North Korea, namely, Mansudae, the largest art studio in that country. [link]

Visitors at the new 360-degree panoramic installation at the Angkor Panorama Museum. Credit Luc Forsyth for The New York Times
A detail from the panorama, which depicts 12th-century Angkorian history. Credit Luc Forsyth for The New York Times