Art Institute of Chicago Presents "Supernatural Shakespeare" this Spring

Moses Haughton II, after Henry Fuseli. The Nursery of Shakespeare, 1810. Gift of Chalkley J. Hambleton.
ILLINOIS---The title characters of William Shakespeare’s plays certainly might get the most name recognition, but the Bard’s meddling witches and mischievous faerie folk often steal the scenes and have rightly become some of his most memorable characters. This focused Shakespeare 400 installation features three atmospheric engravings of fantastical Shakespearian scenes by various artists emulating works by the renowned Gothic artist Henri Fuseli (1741–1825).

Art Institute of Chicago: "Supernatural Shakespeare" (April 11, 2016–October 10, 2016); Gallery 219A; 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, ILL; (312) 443-3600;