Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brooklyn-Based Artist Sara Erenthal Got Start as an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Girl

By Madison Margolin
34-year old artist Sara Erenthal
NEW YORK---A nine-month trip to India in 2010, ten years after she had returned to New York following her army service, became the foundation for Erenthal's art career. She began painting murals in restaurants and designing repurposed clothes for money. "The first time I finally accepted that I'm an artist, a traveler asked to buy a drawing. That gave me a push to take it more seriously," she says. Art is her calling, but these days dog-walking brings in consistent cash. "My story is the story of discomfort to liberation," says Erenthal. "Dog-walking, bike riding — it's not a rebellion per se. It's a consequence of growing into a different world, of evolving." [link]
Mea Shearim, The Father, The Mother, The Girl, The Boy