Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Crusader Bible Comes To Blanton Museum of Art

By Stef Manisero
The Crusader Bible, also known as the Morgan Picture Bible, the Maciejowski Bible, and the Shah ‘Abbas Bible, is not only one of the greatest medieval manuscripts in the Morgan, it also ranks as one of the incomparable achievements of French Gothic illumination.
TEXAS---Exhibitors say it's one of the most celebrated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. ”Because of its attention to detail, depictions of everyday life, the scenes here are not very different from modern day comic books,” said Jeongho Park of the Blanton Museum of Art. And, for the next few months, the Crusader Bible will call the Blanton Museum of Art home. Historians say the artifact was likely created in the 1240s in Paris, for King Louis the 9th. Artistic precision aside, it's the journey of the pages that make it so significant. From France, to Italy, to Poland, the folios have transformed with each stop along the way. [link]

The Blanton Museum of Art: "The Crusader Bible: A Gothic Masterpiece" (Ends April 3, 2016); The University of Texas at Austin Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at Congress Avenue (200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) Austin, Texas; (512) 471-7324; blantonmuseum.org