‘Disgraced’ is a Theatrical Bombshell That Doesn’t Let Anybody Off the Hook

By Misha Berson
Bernard White (Amir) and Nisi Sturgis (Emily) in “Disgraced” at Seattle Repertory Theatre.
WASHINGTON---During the opening-night performance of “Disgraced” at Seattle Repertory Theatre, an audience member stood and shouted angrily at the actors. Then he grabbed his coat and exited, loudly. Though nobody else voiced it so publicly, he surely wasn’t the only patron distressed by a shocking turn of events in this play about the disintegrating career, marriage and identity of a Pakistani-American lawyer. Ayad Akhtar’s tumultuous drama (a 2013 Pulitzer Prize honoree) means to unsettle or disturb. But not gratuitously so. [link]