Edmund de Waal, “Ten Thousand Things,” at Gagosian Gallery

By Carolina A. Miranda
Artist and novelist Edmund de Waal opens a new show of works at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. Seen here: a detail from "a lecture on the weather," from 2015. (Mike Bruce / Gagosian Gallery)
CALIFORNIA---Edmund de Waal, “Ten Thousand Things,” at Gagosian Gallery. Both an artist and an acclaimed novelist, de Waal is a figure whose passion for words feeds his art and vice versa. For his first solo exhibition in L.A., he will present arrangements of objects — including the ceramics he makes — inspired by music, poetry and the architecture of Rudolph Schindler. Opens today at 6:00 p.m. and runs through Feb. 18. 456 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, gagosian.com. [link]