Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“Devan Shimoyama/Salomón Huerta”: Two Artist's Portraits of the Soul

By David Pagel
Devan Shimoyama, "With You Always," 2014, oil, glitter, sequins, graphite, spray paint, found objects on canvas, 60 by 50 by 7 inches. (Devan Shimoyama / Samuel Freeman)
CALIFORNIA---With just the right mix of purposefulness and playfulness, the two-artist exhibition Devan Shimoyama/Salomón Huerta at Samuel Freeman gallery sets visitors to thinking about what it means to be human while leaving us free to make up our own minds. Pittsburgh artist Shimoyama’s L.A. debut features six midsize canvases. Slapdash theatricality — and whip-smart intelligence — animates his potent pictures. In contrast, Huerta’s paintings and drawings are understated. All are intimate, melancholic, restrained. [link]
Salomón Huerta, Trust No Man , 1994. Oil painting of cross, 15 x 23in.