Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sundance: 'Birth of a Nation' Sets Record With $17.5M Sale to Fox Searchlight

To the list of Sundance 2016 deals so far we can now add another, and not just any deal; this is the biggest sale in the long history of Robert Redford’s film festival. 
HOLLYWOOD---Murdering a baby, taking an axe to a sleeping woman and slaughtering children in a schoolroom - the bloody 'true account' of rebel slave who inspired movie being hailed as antidote to the white Oscars. "The Birth Of a Nation" has just secured biggest ever deal at Sundance film festival at same time as row over all-white Oscars Movie tells story of Nat Turner's rebellion in Virginia in 1831 when slave killed up to 60 whites, including his master. [link]

The writer-director-producer also stars as Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion in 1831
Big noise: The Birth of a Nation was shown for the first time at the Sundance festival this month and achieved the biggest ever deal signed at it. It stars Nate Parker as Nat Turner
Contemporary depiction: This was how a woodcut of the time depicted the Turner rebellion, saying that it portrayed (left) a mother pleading for her children's lives, a Mr. Travis being murdered (center) and (right) Mr. Harrow, who defended himself while his wife escaped