Al Farrow's Ammunitions Made Into Religious Art Comes to Kentucky

By Elizabeth Kramer
Artist Al Farrow's "Bombed Mosque"(2010) created using guns, gun parts, bullets, shell casings, lead pellets and steel and part of the exhibit "Wrath and Reverence" at 21c Museum Hotel. (Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, and Forum Gallery, New York.)
KENTUCKY---Artist Al Farrow, with a career spanning over 40 years, often creates work that mines ideas associated with different cultures. His current body of work in the exhibit “Wrath and Reverence,” is no exception. It contains replicas of religious architecture - churches, synagogues, mosques, a mausoleum, Jewish ritual objects and Christian reliquaries. Many of Farrow’s sculptures gleam. Upon closer to look, the source of that shimmer are clearly munitions — Uzis, bullets and shot that have been combined with bone, glass and steel. [link]

21c Museum Hotel: “Al Farrow: Wrath and Reverence” (Feb. 12, through July 15, 2016); 700 W. Main St, Louisville, KY; (502)217-6300;
"Icon, Bone Fragments of Santo Guerro" (2012) Bullets, Shell casings, Steel,Russian crucifix, Glass, Bone,11 3/4” L x 1” W x 14 1/2” H