Day #5 - Art for Lent: Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" #Lent2016

By Aaron Rosen
"Piss Christ" (1987) by Andres Serrano | USA. Cibachrom print, 60 x 40 in.
[Chris] Serrano photographed replicas of other sculptures submerged in urine, including a Madonna and Child, Michelangelo's Moses, Discobolus, and the Winged Nike of Samothrace. Piss Christ, however, has been the overwhelming focus of verbal and physical attacks, suffering vandalism in 1997 in Australia and in 2011 in France. "The thing that offends me is that they characterize me as being an anti-Christian bigot," says Serrano, "They are barking up the wrong tree when they are saying I am not a Christian." [page 15]

Lent is the annual Christian preparation for Easter. "Today's Art for Lent2016" features artworks that illustrate the Christian "Battle between Carnival and Lent."