Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day #12 - Art for Lent: Marco Brambilla's "Creation" #Lent2016

By Aaron Rosen
"Creation" (2012) by Marco Brambilla | Italy/USA. 3D high definition video, color, and sound, duration: 4 min., loop, dimensions variable
Vignettes culled from hundreds of film, ranging from the Sound of Music to Star Wars, swirl together in Creation like a spiral galaxy or a double helix of DNA. In 2013, the video was shown in St Patrick's Old Cathedral in Manhattan - one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in New Yorl - accompanied by a live choir. Attendees watched from pews while wearing 3D glassed, evoking questions about what kinds of visionary experiences people expect to have in church today.  [page 35]

Lent is the annual Christian preparation for Easter. "Today's Art for Lent2016" features artworks that illustrate the Christian "Battle between Carnival and Lent."