Knoxville's Arnstein Center Honors Artist Arnold Schwarzbart

By Amy McRary
Courtesy of Jean-Philippe Studios. This work by Judaic artisan Arnold Schwarzbart is called “Omer Counter: The Time Til Sinai” and will be exhibited in a new gallery dedicated to Schwarzbart at the Arnstein Jewish Community Center. An omer is a unit of measure. The Torah tells the Jewish people to count the days from Passover to the day they received the Torah at Mount Sinai. That time is called the Counting of the Omer.
TENNESSEE---A gallery showing works by the late Arnold Schwarzbart, whose Judaic art is nationally renowned, opens Sunday, Jan 31, at the Arnstein Jewish Community Center. Knoxville Jewish Alliance President Adam Brown calls the 20-foot gallery "the crown jewel" in the first phase of a series of planned renovations and improvements at the 6800 Deane Hill Drive center. The Schwarzbart Gallery opening and dedication is 3-5 p.m. and open to the public and members of all faiths. [link]