Tuesday, February 2, 2016

US Researchers Decipher Intricate Engravings on 6th Century Chinese Buddha Statue

By Sanskrity Sinha
A laser scan reveals details of an ancient Buddha statue at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Smithsonian’s Digitalization Program Office
WASHINGTON, DC---US researchers have unravelled the mystery of intricate engravings on an ancient Chinese statue of Buddha. The headless statue known as Cosmic Buddha, currently housed at an art gallery in Washington DC, dates back to the sixth century. The researchers said 3D scans of the statue's surface revealed that the decorative illustrations depict Buddha's teachings and life incidents. "The Cosmic Buddha is wrapped in the simple robe of a monk, but the garment is covered with incredibly complex illustrations of Buddhist stories," according to a statement by Arthur M Sackler Gallery and the Freer Gallery of Art. [link]

The statue has complex illustrations difficult to discern with the naked eye. Freer Gallery of Art