Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gallery in Upper Manhattan Reimagines the Four Sons in the Haggadah

By Jordana Narin
“For Brothers” by Tom Sanford
In the heart of Hamilton Heights—a neighborhood in West Harlem that’s brimming with history, culture, and personality—is Gitler & ____, an art gallery run by Avi Gitler. Though Gitler’s gallery has hosted 22 exhibitions to date, its current display, called “The 4 Sons,” is its first Jewish-themed one. It’s dedicated, of course, to Passover. Rooted in the narrative of the Four Sons—one wise, one wicked, one simple, and one who doesn’t yet know how to ask—told during the Passover Seder, the exhibit hosts artwork from 11 artists who were “invited to create his or her own portrait of these tersely described brothers, or in some respect, to transcend their ‘Egypt.’ ”[link]

“Teflon Don” by Lori Field