Friday, April 8, 2016

Is the Israel Museum’s Birds’ Head Haggadah Nazi-era loot?

By David D'Arcy
The Birds’ Head Haggadah, by the scribe Menahem, southern Germany, around 1300. According to the Israel Museum it was "in the possession of Ludwig and Johanna Marum, Karlsruhe, Germany, until the Nazi epoch"
A 13th-century book used in the celebration of Passover, now in the collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is at the centre of an ownership row. The manuscript, known as the Birds’ Head Haggadah for its colourful illustrations, was once owned by the family of the German-Jewish politician Ludwig Marum, who was an early victim of the Nazi regime. His heirs are pushing to have their title to the work recognised and receive compensation, but they say they want the book to remain on public view at the museum. [link]