Saturday, April 16, 2016

Movie Review: ‘The Jungle Book’ leaps off the screen — to dazzling effect

By Ann Hornaday
Panthers and tigers and bears. Oh, my. The beloved 1967 Disney cartoon classic “The Jungle Book” takes on a dazzling live-action-ish life in Jon Favreau’s adaptation, a visual wonderment of color, texture, movement and spectacular animal life. Brought to the screen with computer­generated animation, the Indian jungle of ­Rudyard Kipling’s original stories glimmers and shines here, with each fern frond and dappled glade enticing the viewer further into its primal depths. Like all classic Disney productions, “The Jungle Book” possesses its share of fear, suffering and loss. But somehow the audience comes out whistling — in this case, with joy and quite a bit of awe. [link]