Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And Then There Is Using Whatever Happens: Quentin Morris’s ‘Untitled’

By Stan Mir
Quentin Morris in his studio, Philadelphia, PA - March 28, 2007
PENNSYLVANIA---When Quentin Morris begins a painting the only thing he knows is that it will be black. This has been true for him since 1963. Like much monochromatic work, Morris’s only appears to be so. In his current exhibition at Larry Becker Contemporary Art, a powdered pigment and Rhoplex painting from December 1980, and another from December 2015, made with silkscreen printing ink and polymer acrylic, reveal traces of blue and green underneath the black. Morris, who is African American and practices Nichiren Buddhism, lives and paints in the Point Breeze section of South Philadelphia where he was raised. [link]
Quentin Morris, “Untitled (August 2001)” (2001), graphite on Fabriano charcoal paper, 20 x 26 1/4 inches
Installation view of “Quentin Morris: Untitled” (2016), Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Philadelphia