Tuesday, May 31, 2016

China's Zhang Xiaogang: ‘Painting is a Slow process'

Zhang Xiaogang (China, b. 1958), Vast Ocean, 1989. Oil on paper, 54.6 x 78.5 cm. (21½ x 30⅞ in). Sold for $315,69). This work was offered in the Asian Contemporary Art (Day Sale) on 29 May 2016 at Christie’s in Hong Kong
In this exclusive interview, China’s leading contemporary artist [Zhang Xiaogang] talks to specialist Tianyue Jiang about his career, [and] his creative process:..."I once said to the media that I demand too much of myself. If I were a conceptual or installation artist, I would think about exactly how my next piece of work would turn out. But as a painter, if I worked tirelessly for a year and advanced just one centimetre, I would feel this was an enormous triumph." [link]