Monday, May 23, 2016

Strong Jewish Women of the Bible by Ruth Schreiber

"Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 3, 8-9)" by Ruth Schreiber
Israeli-based artist Ruth Schreiber spent 25 years raising her family and working in research, art and design. Since 1997, she has been a docent at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. At the same time, she has been developing her own work with a variety of media including ceramic, video, and photography. "I have been working on a series of photographs illustrating critical moments in the Jewish Bible and related sources," said Schreiber, "which depict powerful, independent women." I attach most of them here, for your reaction." Ruth has exhibited and sold her art in Israel, Europe, and North America. [artist-page]
"Avigail before David (I Samuel 25, 18-23) " by Ruth Schreiber