Friday, May 27, 2016

The Morgan, Bejeweled With the Pastels of Lucas Samaras

By Ken Johnson
“Untitled, 7 July 1962,” by Lucas Samaras. Credit Lucas Samaras, The Morgan Library & Museum
NEW YORK---Back in the late 1950s, when ambitious painters were obliged to produce big, bold abstractions, Lucas Samaras took up pastel, a fragile, intimate medium that had not given rise to history-making oeuvres since the days of Edgar Degas and Odilon Redon. It’s noteworthy that Mr. Samaras, who was born in Greece and came to the United States at 11, was raised Greek Orthodox, and a religious feeling persists in his work. Of the hundreds of pastels Mr. Samaras has made, 48 are on view in “Dreams in Dust: The Pastels of Lucas Samaras,” an intensely absorbing exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum. [link]

Morgan Library & Museum: “Dreams in Dust: The Pastels of Lucas Samaras” (Ends Aug. 21, 2016);  225 Madison Avenue, at 36th Street, Manhattan; 212-685-0008,
An installation view of the exhibition “Dreams in Dust: The Pastels of Lucas Samaras.” Credit Graham S. Haber/The Morgan Library & Museum