Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chinese Artist Lu Yang, Makes Good Art for Bad Dreams in Seattle

By Jen Graves
Lu Yang'd 3-D avatar is born, ready to be enlightened/tortured/killed/reborn as a triple-headed Hindu deity spinning in space.
WASHINGTON---Delusional Mandala is by the Shanghai artist Lu Yang, whose first Seattle show is up at the Interstitial gallery in Georgetown. We see icons from pre-Renaissance Christian art, from Hinduism (the studded golden halo is like Kali the Destroyer's headdress), from Shingon and Tibetan Buddhism, and also from science fiction, medieval torture, pop culture, Iroquois legend, and medical labs—cutting-edge technology that's minimally invasive but aspires to see all, map all, and manipulate consciousness, not just crude body mechanics. [link]