Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lecrae Criticizes Church on Race Issues: We Haven't Seen You Since MLK!

By Christine Thomasos
(Photo: Lecrae / Twitter/ Screengrab)
Lecrae doesn't have all of the answers to solve the problems in the world, but he does believe some key factors are needed to improve some social injustices within the country. The Christian-rapper-turned-New-York-Times-bestselling author who is promoting his first book Unashamed, hasn't shied away from speaking up about racial injustice in the past. Still, he insists that his fight extends beyond his African-American heritage. "I'm not focused on race, exactly," he told The Post. "If blacks in America are treated equally, I'll move on to the next group." As a Christian, the rapper said he believes that the Church has not done enough to improve racial issues in the country. [link]