Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Stories From A. Ramachandran’s Universe in India

By Archana Khare-Ghose
A 'colored drawing' by A. Ramachandran that was part of his latest show at Vadehra Art Gallery, titled "Earthen Pot - Image Poems 2016" (Vadehra Art Gallery)
INDIA---Last month, when Vadehra Art Gallery hosted the new works of veteran, reverred artist A. Ramachandran, his admirers were in for a sweet surprise. Instead of the signature bold colors that typify a classic Indian palette, his works came in muted, soft and washed colors, almost as an antidote for the sweltering summer outside. Titled “Earthen Pot — Image Poems 2016,” the 21 drawings were, incidentally, made on a trip to North America, and one conjectured that, perhaps, the continent’s specific weather pattern may have something to do with it. What, however, didn’t change despite the subdued hues is the strong story-telling that accompanies his oeuvre. [link]