Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Religious Relics on Exhibit at Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

By Damla Kayayerli
A kiswah (a cloth covering the Kabaa)
TURKEY--- The Turkish and Islamic Art Museum in Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square has religious objects from the early period of Islamic art to the 20th century, featuring old manuscripts, early copies of the Quran and beautiful tiles. The building dates back centuries, although its exact construction date and architect are unknown. Built on the remains of the Roman hippodrome in Atmeydanı (Horse Square), the historic building was restored by order of Süleyman the Magnificent as a gift to his grand vizier, Pargalı İbrahim Pasha. Named after its owner, the İbrahim Pasha Palace hosts the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in its second courtyard. [link]

"The Damascus Documents" is a collection of thousands of documents featuring Quran sheets that are considered the first copies of the Quran written in the first centuries after Islam was introduced to mankind.