Saturday, July 2, 2016

Collector Spotlight: "Lamb of God is the New Black" Finds Home in Indianapolis

By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
This photo is of Gregory posing with "Lamb of God is the New Black," a mixed media on paper work at his home in Indianapolis.
This week, Gregory Disney-Britton added Lamb of God is the New Black by Scott Brooks along with Supreme Ruling to the A&O collection. Scott lives and works in Washington, DC. His paintings are primarily figurative, with anatomical distortions to create a new reality. "Using a language that is easily understood," says Scott, "I tell stories. I weave figures, symbols, and elements together to create a narrative to share with an audience." Often using humor, he depicts many scenes inspired by his Roman Catholic background to comment on religious and political issues. His work has been described as both sentimental and also disturbing.
"Lamb og God Is the New Black" (2006) by Scott G. Brooks. Mixed media on paper, 10" x 13". A&O Collection
"Supreme Ruling" (July 2, 2015)" by Scott Brooks