Thursday, July 28, 2016

Legendary Hindu Modernist SH Raza Is Dead at 94

By Henri Neuendorf, July 26, 2016
S.H. Raza, Patchtatva (2007). Courtesy Auctionata.
INDIA---The Indian artist Syed Haider Raza has died at the age of 94. He passed away in a New Delhi hospital on Saturday. According to the Hindustan Times, the artist started out as a landscape painter and colorist, but later turned his attention to “metaphysical ideas and the essence of life.” As such, he began to explore the Hindu philosophies of prakriti (nature), kundalini, (primal energy), tribhuj (triangle), and bindu (circle/dot) in his artistic practice. [link]

Raza with one of his paintings featuring geometric motifs. (HT photo)