Sunday, July 17, 2016


ALPHA OMEGA ARTS [AOPrize Finalist: Click to Vote]
By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
"The Book of Genesis" (2009) by R. Crumb
Do you believe in the story of Noah's Ark and a global flood? "You don't have to be a Fundamentalist Christian to be interested in the Bible," said artist R. Crumb. Raised in the 1950s, Robert Dennis Crumb is a legendary illustrator from the world of "underground comix" who signs his work "R. Crumb." In 207 ink drawings on paper, his The Book of Genesis" (2009) is a sometimes wrenching and often gritty word-for-word tour of the first book of the Bible. Crumb's handling of the exit from Noah’s Ark leaves you in no doubt of his skill as one of art history's graphic masters along with Dürer  and Rembrandt. With options this month to visit a life-sized replica of Noah's Ark in Kentucky or to travel to Seattle, Washington for Crumb's version, we recommend visiting the Seattle Art Museum.

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