Monday, July 25, 2016

Why Hitler and Hermann Göring Went To War Over The Ghent Altarpiece

By Allison McNearney
AGE Fotostock/Alamy
BELGIUM-In 1432, Jan van Eyck put the finishing touches on the large masterpiece that he began with his brother years earlier. It was one of the most intricate oil paintings to ever have been produced, and the result was a powerful and stunning work of religious art. Over the past five centuries, the painting has become one of the most coveted works of all time. The real trial for the work came during WWII, when both Hitler and chief henchman Hermann Göring became desperate to acquire it for their personal art collections. Now, art lovers from around the world can examine the work up close and in minute detail through the interactive digital recreation. [link]

Interior panels of The Ghent Altarpiece