Thursday, August 11, 2016

Calligrapher Creates Ethiopian Version of Islamic Art

By Addis Ababa
Essa is a diploma holder in graphic art from the capital's Entoto School, formerly Teferi Mekonnen School, established by and named after Ethiopia's last emperor.
ETHIOPIA---Artist Essa Tadele's calligraphic subjects lie on top of intricately designed graphic motifs. Lines express the longevity of things, swirl and swing to express movement and there are objects-stars, moon shapes, fish and all sorts of everyday items. Deity names in all shapes, sizes and positioning mark his canvasses which are presented in neat frames. Essa himself sits on a mat in his small, but warmly decorated Addis Ababa home, contemplating one of his mixtures of calligraphy and graphic art. Forging an Ethiopian version of Muslim art, the young father-of-two converted to Islam four years ago and is bringing a new tradition to the predominately Christian country. [link]