Friday, September 9, 2016

Bill Viola Reconnects With Florence Old Masters in 2017

By Helen Stoilas
Bill Viola's "The Greeting"
ITALY---Bill Viola will return to Florence in 2017, when he takes over the whole of the Palazzo Strozzi for a major retrospective. The US artist, who worked in the Italian city as a young man, has a “wish list” of Renaissance paintings, including frescoes by Uccello and Masolino, that he hopes to show along with his video installations in the exhibition, which is due to open on 10 March (until 16 July 2017). “Today it is considered highly fashionable to juxtapose Old Masters with contemporary art, but the connections are often too blurred and the results disappointing. This is not the case with Bill’s work…” says Arturo Galansino, the director of the Palazzo Strozzi. “For this reason—even if the show is, first of all, a retrospective of Bill Viola—we are working to have a few but significant Old Masters in the exhibition.” [link]

Pontormo's "Visitation"