Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bill Viola's 'Mary', Today at St. Paul's Cathedral

Mary by Bill Viola
UNITED KINGDOM---Prepare to be entranced again by Bill Viola: St Paul's large-scale installation 'Mary' sees the video artist return to London's greatest Cathedral. The best-known video-artist in the world, his films grapple dauntlessly with the Big Questions: birth, death, God, consciousness, memory, martyrdom. Part of the power of his work is that it reflects the formal concerns of religious painting, such as the triptych and the altarpiece. In 2014, Viola brought Martyrs to St. Paul's Cathedral (no less), where it remains in the south quire to this day. This autumn, a second permanent large-scale installation will come to the cathedral, it has been announced. Mary will show the Virgin Mother carrying Christ, and will be installed in the north quire. St Pauls Cathedral, 08 Sep 2016 – 30 Sep 2017, Permanent installation, Mon-Fri [link]