Sunday, September 4, 2016

Collector Spotlight: Ernest Disney-Britton's Passion for "Divine Blue"

Ernest Disney-Britton stands in his study next to "Divine Blue" (Published 2013, #83/1,000) by Romero Britto and wearing one of his dozens of blue shirts.
INDIANA---People often ask why Ernest Disney-Britton wears only blue shirts, and he typically cuts it short with: "I like blue," but there is more to his story. "Blue is the color of Heaven, and of the Virgin Mary. That is why Alpha Omega Arts is blue too," says Ernest. "Some people wear a Cross tucked away, but Blue is my visible symbol of Heaven." In 2015, he and Gregory purchased a limited edition print of "Divine Blue" by Florida-based artist Romero Britto. Following conventions from the era of the Renaissance, the artist painted the Virgin's inner garment in "red" (the color of mankind) covered by an outer garment of  "blue" for Heaven, and the divine. [link]
Ernest takes selfie in his closet of blue shirts