Sunday, September 11, 2016

Jewish Artists in Ohio Answer Question: "What is Jewish Art?"

by Michelle Layn Horn and Athena Cocoves
Gabi Mallin— a project manager turned art mom— produces 3D, digital collages using a method she created herself.
OHIO---What is Jewish art? See how 25 local artists responded during the Jewish Arts Festival, sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo, on Sunday, September 11.  In the July 1, 1966 issue of Commentary Magazine, Jewish art critic Henry Rosenberg wrote an article entitled “Is There A Jewish Art?” In it, he said: “Jewish creation in art has been very vital in this century, and the important thing is that while Jewish artists have not been creating as Jews, they have not been working as non-Jews, either. Their art has been the closest expression of themselves as they are.” [link]