Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Komail Aijazuddin's Portrait/Altarpieces of "Angry Icons"

"Angry Icon" (2016) by Komail Aijazuddin. Oil and gold leaf on panel, 36 x 24 in.
NEW YORK---Aicon Gallery is pleased to present "Go Figure," through September 17, 2016. The exhibition features the work of Komail Aijazuddin, along with Irfan Hasan, Saba Khan, Saad Qureshi,Hiba Schahbaz, and Salman Toor. They are from different provinces, cities and social strata of Pakistan or the Pakistani diaspora in the United States and United Kingdom. Their work shows an impulse toward the illustrative, the graphic and the sensual. Komail Aijazuddin, is a graduate of Pratt Institute, uses various traditions of religious art, playing with notions of belief, divinity, and blasphemy. His portraits/altarpieces of virile, sometimes hostile, young men combine the centrality of the idea of martyrdom in the Shia sect of Islam with a Byzantine visual vocabulary to create what he calls "Angry Icons.”[link]
"Icon with Arrows" (2016) by Komail Aijazuddin. Oil and gold leaf on panel 36 x 24 in.