Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Korean Artist Says God Taught Him How to Paint

By Taylor Lindsey
The Hand of God. Oil painting by Yongsung Kim. Image courtesy of Foundation Arts
UTAH---Traditional images of Jesus Christ tend to come off on the somber side. On the flipside, contemporary art leaps in a different direction when reimagining the Christ—it gets creative, political, and sometimes outright anti-orthodox.... But Yongsung Kim is trying for a different approach. Indeed, the Korean artist is taking on the steep challenge of changing how the world pictures the crucified religious leader. Each painting shows the religious figurehead reveling in light, or offering it (sometimes directly to the viewer). Recently, the artist flew to Utah for a Q&A as part of a collaboration with Foundation Arts. Over 150 people filled the gallery at the University Mall in Orem as Kim spoke about the creative process behind his paintings. [link]
"Calm and Stars"
"Shepard's Rest"