Sunday, October 9, 2016


By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
Artist Mark Daniell with "Sweet Spot"
This week's art of the week is a meditation on color by artists Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell at ArtPrize 2016 in Grand Rapids, MI. This room-sized, shimmering color installation of 3,700 thin multicolor nylon cords hangs from ceiling to floor in mesmerizing color. The installation is was one of the 20 finalists for ArtPrize 2016. There are 19 miles of cord in the piece. It can be extended two stories high, and when we stepped inside, the colors transported us to another spiritual plane as our motions activated the piece in ever-changing perspectives of new colors. We traveled to Grand Rapids this week to experience the flickering effect that compelled thousands of viewers to simply slow down and find their own "sweet spot" of color. Each October, our subscribers select the contemporary religious artwork of the year (vote Alpha Omega Prize 9), but we also travel to Grand Rapids to vote for our favorite ArtPrize works. This week we found our favorite in "Sweet Spot" by Shawn Causey.

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Ted Givens, Shawn Causey, Ernest Disney-Britton, Mark Daniell, and Gregory Disney-Britton standing in front of "Sweet Spot" at ArtPrize 8 in Grand Rapids, MI
Greg's ArtPrize favorite: "Make A Wish" by Michael Duran (b. NM).
Ernest's ArtPrize surprise: "Coherency" by Faig Ahmed
Mom's favorite from ArtPrize: "Mother Nature Repeats a Pattern" by Molly Alicki Corriveau