Saturday, October 29, 2016

Theatre Review: In ‘The Harvest,’ a Crisis of Feeling for Young Evangelicals

By Charles Isherwood
Poster for "The Harvest" at Lincoln Center Theatre, Manhattan
NEW YORK---Context is not everything when it comes to our experience of theater, but it’s not nothing, either. “The Harvest,” a new play by Samuel D. Hunter about a group of young evangelical missionaries in Idaho, has a serious context problem. These idealistic young Christians, all in their 20s, are heading off to save souls in a place referred to only as “the Middle East.” The primary plot strand in “The Harvest” — will Josh go, or will Michaela and maybe Tom persuade him to stay? — didn’t exactly have me gnawing my fingernails in suspense. In fact, considering the horrific stories coming daily from Syria and Iraq, it came to seem pretty inconsequential. [link]

Peter Mark Kendall and Leah Karpel in “The Harvest,” by Samuel D. Hunter, at Lincoln Center Theater. Credit Julieta Cervantes for The New York Times