Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chabad of St. Augustine to host Hasidic pop art exhibition

Detail of "Orange Socks" by Rabbi Yitzchok Moully
FLORIDA---If orange socks don’t come to mind when you think of an Orthodox rabbi, then you haven’t met Hasidic pop artist Rabbi Yitzchok Moully. You don’t need big dreads or tattoos to define individuality,” said Moully, known as the Pop Art Rabbi. “In truth, Judaism really asks us to find ourselves within the experience. It’s not about being a carbon copy. It’s asking us to find personal meaning within Judaism.” As a youth rabbi in New Jersey, he sees his work as a way to share his view of the Hasidic lifestyle and dispel images that it is rigid. “There’s so much color on the inside,” he said. “So much personality.” Moully says his work is infused with hope — hope that his images challenge, broaden or empower notions about faith and religion. And hope that his images will encourage a smile and bring joy. Which is why he wears orange socks. [link]