Monday, November 14, 2016

Let’s go to Japan / New museum home for Buddhist art in Kamakura

By Miho Saeki
Fukūkenjaku Kannon (H = 3.62 meters,) Flanked by Nikko (right) and Gakko (left) with hands in the Gassho mudra (prayer, veneration). 746-748 AD, Dry Lacquer, Tōdaiji Temple (Nara) 
JAPAN---Buddhist art is experiencing a popularity boom. The exhibition “Hasedera Engi no Sekai” is being held until Dec. 18 and features the stories behind the deities enshrined in Hasedera and Yamato Hasedera temples. The temple’s treasure hall was renovated on its 35th anniversary in October last year and opened as the Kannon Museum, featuring about 50 statues as well as fine arts and crafts permanently on display. Among the most impressive statues in the collection is the 1.78-meter-tall Standing Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Bodhisattva with Eleven Heads). [link]