Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pop-art movement's superstar was a Cathoic Nun

By Will cox
"Life is a Complicated Business" (1967) by Corita Kent
AUSTRALIA---“Religious art” isn’t a phrase that excites the casual gallery-goer. But the casual gallery-goer hasn’t seen Sister Corita Kent’s pioneering, psychedelic and kinetic screen prints. Corita wasn’t always obscure. For a few years in the ’60s and ’70s her work was part of the zeitgeist. Take a look at the back of the exhibition catalogue: it’s Corita on the Christmas 1967 cover of Newsweek magazine. Her work struck a chord in a cultural moment dominated by the Summer of Love, the hippy movement and pop art. But since then she’s faded into the background. Sister Corita’s Summer of Love is at the Ian Potter Museum of Art until March 26. [link]