Monday, November 28, 2016

Traveling to Israel through art in New York City

By Jonathan Greenstein
Image from gallery's exhibition's page on
NEW YORK---[A] mixture of physical and emotional beauty is captured in the current exhibition, “Passage to Israel,” at the Anderson Contemporary Art Gallery. My wife and I attended, not only because we love Israel, but because we have long been fans of Jewish reggae rock star Matisyahu, who was partly the inspiration for the exhibit. Some of the 34 photographers whose works are on display and divided into the four categories of “land,” “light,” “life” and “soul” are better known than others. It was wonderful to see that they hailed from different races, religions, genders and regions — as did their pictures. 180 Maiden Ln, New York, New York; (917) 575-5972; [link]
Matisyahu in Concert: Exhibition Opening Night