Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day Without Art in response to the continuing AIDS crisis

In 1989 in response to the worsening AIDS crisis and coinciding with the World Health Organization’s second annual World AIDS Day on December 1, Visual AIDS organized the first Day Without Art. A Visual AIDS committee of art workers (curators, writers, and art professionals) sent out a call for “mourning and action in response to the AIDS crisis” that would celebrate the lives and achievements of lost colleagues and friends; encourage caring for all people with AIDS; educating diverse publics about HIV infection; and finding a cure. Since 2010, Visual AIDS has worked with artists and filmmakers to internationally distribute videos to museums, art institutions, schools (churches) and AIDS organizations. [link]
“Man of Sorrows: Christ With AIDS" by Maxwell Lawton (April 27, 1956 - September 16, 2006) as icon in St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in Cape Town, South Africa
"Patrons of the AIDS Pandemic" by Lewis Williams, SFO. Available at Trinity Stores
Niccolo Cosme comes out with a collaborative exhibit in celebration of World AIDS Day, Prejudice, Drug Use. Image by Pinggot Zulueta