Saturday, January 14, 2017

Isaac Mizrahi, on collecting art in search of the "me" factor

Show Us Your Walls
By Gia Kourlasbr
Isaac Mizrahi in the den of his Greenwich Village apartment, where one wall is dominated by an abstract by Tomory Dodge. On the floor by his chair is a painting by Pamela Jorden, and to the right is a work by Benjamin Butler. Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times
A brisk tour of the art in Isaac Mizrahi’s Greenwich Village apartment is intimate — like an introduction to this fashion designer’s 20 closest friends. Lining his walls are works by Jane Freilicher, Maureen Gallace, Alex Katz, Lisa Sanditz, Adrianne Lobel and Tomory Dodge — even Julia Sherman, his cousin’s grandmother, whose bold color choices and geometric patterns “drove me crazy,” said Mr. Mizrahi, the star of QVC’s home-shopping network, and “influenced me a lot.” "I’m a designer, I’m a writer, I’m a performer a little bit. I make shows. And so I look at these things longingly, thinking, if I were an artist, that’s something that might come out of me." [link]