By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
"We The People Are Greater Than Fear" (2016) by Shepard Fairey
It's a poster of a single figure, a woman wearing a Muslim hijab. "We the People: Are Greater than Fear" by Shepard Fairey was designed to disrupt the rising tide of fear. He is the artist-activist who also created 2008's famous "HOPE" portrait of Barack Obama. Wearing blood red lipstick and staring directly at the viewer with defiant eyes, the young woman is wrapped in the American flag. Is she a Syrian-refugee stopped at the airport, a protesting Catholic nun, or maybe your sister? "Hope" defined the former presidency and "FEAR" is defining the new one. Download "FEAR" and print it out for yourself or donate to the artist-activist movement and receive an unsigned lithograph.

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"HOPE" (2008) by Shepard Fairey