Thursday, February 9, 2017

Paolo Sorrentino explains The Young Pope’s opening credits

By Devon Ivie
Still image from opening scene featuring the meteorite striking through one painting to another era in church history
If you have a background in art history, you know those paintings aren’t there just for aesthetics. They’re also there to tell a story about the Roman Catholic Church. “The paintings of the opening scene are a quick chronological overview, with obvious shortcomings, of the most significant moments in the history and art of the entire arch of Christianity and the church,” showrunner Paolo Sorrentino explained to us. The pope’s walk through religious history “ends with the light of a comet that becomes a meteorite striking Cattelan’s pope,” Sorrentino continued. “Because, both seriously and humorously, Christianity begins with a comet that over the centuries takes on a different appearance and mysteriousness as a meteorite. [link]

Jude Law in “The Young Pope” opening title sequence