Saturday, March 4, 2017

Buddhist monks complete intricate sand mandala at Tauranga Art Gallery

By Allison Hess
The sand mandala at Tauranga Art Gallery. Photo/Andrew Warner
NEW ZEALAND---Buddhist monks have finished making a colourful sand mandala at Tauranga Art Gallery. But the work of art is fleeting - the intricate mosaic will be swept up and poured into the Tauranga Harbour in a few days' time. The beautiful mandala was the result of 11 days of work' by monk-artists Venerable Geshe Jamyang Sherab and Venerable Karma Gyasey. From 10am to 4pm every day the monks used ridged metal funnels, which let coloured sand trickle out when rubbed with a piece of horn. The monks created a work entitled The Medicine Buddha, the Buddha of Healing - described as "the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened things". [link]